How To Find The Look


Leave yourself enough time to make an informed decision. It can take up to four to six months for a dress to come in, and additional time is required to complete alterations.  


Go into your consultation with a firm budget in mind. Be honest and allow room for alterations and accessories. Finally, don't let your bridesmaids pick out a $3,500 dress if your budget is $2,000!


You will try on a variety of gown shapes and fabrics to determine what styles look best for your body type. Based on your feedback, we'll be able to eliminate styles you don't like and find that special gown.


This experience is supposed to be fun. Go in with an open mind and we'll make sure your time with us is memorable and enjoyable.


Don't bring one! It adds confusion. We know they mean well, but the only opinion that really counts is your own.


Trust our consultants, that's why they're here! Don't judge a dress on the hanger because every dress looks different when it's tried on.

Sample Sales

Please note that we do sell sample gowns from our floor, and a particular gown may not be available to try on. You are welcome to phone us ahead of time to ensure a particular dress is on the floor or we can always order you a dress if you are ready to purchase.

I had my wedding on July 25th featuring the Allure gown I purchased from your store. I had so many compliments on my dress and it was a very magical day. Thank you for helping me through my process of selecting a gown.

- Nicole