On Trend: Choosing Colourful Shoes

She looks serene in her sheer veil and sparkling white dress, the full skirt skimming the ground. She lifts her skirt a bit to go up a step and – surprise! A flash of fuchsia, perfectly matched to her bouquet and bridesmaids’ dresses.

Gone are the days of having to track down the pristine white pump. Colourful shoes are a gorgeous and surprising way to add a pop of colour to your wedding day ensemble. And it’s very much on trend right now - we’re seeing more and more brides choosing a fun, unexpected splash of cobalt or crimson to adorn their toes.

Colourful shoes aren’t just fashion-forward, they’re endlessly practical. Getting married in a country field or having photos taken in a garden? That ivory satin may not hold up as you trek through the dirt, but a darker colour will look great all day.  You’re also much more likely to wear them again post-wedding.

You also may find you have more choice available to you in a colourful shoe. Bridal shoes can be limited to certain stores but a colourful shoe means you can shop absolutely anywhere for the perfect style.

Bright, bold colours look startlingly beautiful peeping out from layers of tulle. Vibrant violet, fresh coral, grassy green – they’ll all look stunning paired with the snowy silk of your dress. But a subtle colour will also do the trick. Pale mint or blush is unexpected but still understated. Nudes or metallics such as gold and silver move away from the traditional white wedding shoe while still remaining neutral. And we can’t resist a shoe in baby blue or indigo for your something blue!

Want to go really wild? Weddings are all about the explosion of flowers, especially in spring, so carry that theme on to your shoes with a floral pattern. Floral shoes are trending right now so you’ll have plenty to choose from.

Our top tips for choosing a colourful shoe:

  • Make sure your dress still goes with your shoes. Most wedding dresses look incredible matched with a bright colour, but a blush or champagne dress may not jive with the lime shoes you’ve got your eye on. If possible, ask for a swatch of your dress’ fabric so you can bring it with you when you’re shopping for colourful shoes.
  • Need the colours to match perfectly? Dying is your best bet to get flawless colour coordination. Most bridal shoe stores can dye shoes to match fabric, so use a swatch from a bridesmaid dress or find some fabric in the shade you love to get the perfect hue.
  • Your wedding day is not the time to put up with an uncomfortable shoe. You want to be able to dance the night away, so no matter what the colour, choose something that suits your style and fits your feet.

You might even decide you love your colorful shoes so much you don’t want to hide them. Choose a knee- or tea-length dress to really show off those fancy feet! Come in today to the Bridal House and we’ll show you what we’ve got to make your colourful shoe dreams come true.