Tips for Choosing Beautiful Bridesmaids Dresses

Tips for Choosing Beautiful Bridesmaids Dresses

Every Bride’s Best Accessory is to Be Surrounded by Beautiful, Confident Women

The long-standing stereotype of the ‘ugly bridesmaid dress’ is no more. Industry designers have worked really hard to offer gowns that are on-trend and on-style.  In fact, the only ‘rules’ these days are that there are no rules when it comes to bridesmaid dresses.

Here are a few easy tips to follow to help your ladies look their best!

1) Make loose rules, but allow for input

Set some broad ground rules for your bridesmaids. This might include a colour or palette that you’d like to stick to (nautical blue and white, spring greens and creams, autumn reds and oranges) and/or a theme (is your wedding going to be a bit rock star, or more traditional and romantic?). Set these rules broadly, but be sure to also ask your bridesmaids what they’d feel most comfortable in. This will make sure you can come to a compromise that makes everyone happy.

2) Ensure the dresses are multi-functional

As a bride, you don’t want your girls to have to purchase a dress that will immediately end up in the donation bin the minute your big day is over. You want them to have dresses they’ll be able to wear to future semi-formal or formal events. Keep this in mind as you consider design options and your ladies will thank you for your foresight.

3) Don’t worry about matching!

Yup, it’s true. Perhaps the best news about modern-day bridal parties is that bridesmaid’s gowns no longer have to be identical. In fact, the trend has been moving away from the monolith look. These days, it’s common for each woman to choose a style she prefers and customize it to her taste. Often, dresses will all have one unifying element: maybe they’re all the same shade, or they might all have the same neckline, shoulder straps, or skirt length. So go ahead and let your girls choose completely different dresses that are complementary (but not identical) to each other and your wedding theme. This will ensure they look and feel great, and you’ll be surrounded by beautiful, confident women – every bride’s best accessory!

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