Ten's a Crowd- Who should I bring dress shopping?

We know. It happens. You and your mom made a date to go bridal gown shopping. And then your maid of honour begged to go too – how could you resist? She’s your best friend. And you thought that your other bridesmaids might feel left out so you extended the invitation to them, too.  You adore your future mother-in-law – she’s practically your second mom! So of course she’s on the list. And then your mom called to let you know your two aunts would be in town and she’s invited them, and of course then your three cousins have to be invited too, and we can’t forget Grandma…  And suddenly you’re showing up at your dress consultation with a party of 20 trailing behind you.

Big groups can be a lot of fun, but they can also make wedding dress shopping a huge challenge for the bride. We see groups come in all day, every day, so we tend to think we have some expertise in this area. With that in mind, who SHOULD you bring?

Smaller is better. We tend to see the best results with just one or two trusted guides helping the bride. Bigger parties attract too many conflicting opinions, and can leave the bride torn in ten different directions. And besides, that’s now 20 people who are going to see you in your dress before the big day! Keeping the crowd to a minimum ensures a smoother experience for the bride and an awesome surprise for her guests.

If there’s anyone else you want to include in some way, consider inviting them for a special date to come see the dress after you’ve chosen it. Taking your fiancé’s mom out for lunch and then to your dress fitting is a lovely way to make her feel included in the process.

Choose carefully. Pick a couple of people who will give you an honest opinion, but will ultimately support you in your decision. You want to bring friends and family who have your best interests in mind and are excited about your impending nuptials. Don’t invite anyone who you know will bring a negative vibe or make comments that might make you feel bad about yourself - this is supposed to be a fun experience!

Prep the shopping party. Let everyone know ahead of time what you think you’re going for, so no one is trying to push the ball gowns when you’re set on a sleeker silhouette. Leaving it open makes people think you want ALL their opinions, and sometimes the people who come with you are actually choosing dresses that suit their own style, not what suits you best.  Or maybe Mom has a very different vision of what her little girl will be wearing on her big day. A quick conversation beforehand can head off conflict in the dressing room.

That said, many of our brides are surprised when they end up falling in love with the dress their best friend put in their dressing room as a joke, or the one their mom begged them to try on. Keep it light, take suggestions, but ultimately follow your gut and choose the dress that makes you feel radiant.   

Come in with your (small!) group today and let our knowledgeable, experienced staff help you find the perfect gown to make you feel beautiful on your wedding day.