No More Matchy-Matchy: Changing Up Bridesmaids’ Dresses

When you picture the word bridesmaids, you likely imagine your favourite group of girls lined up beside you in identical satin dresses (perhaps in the dreaded seafoam green?). But more and more brides are opting for a new trend in bridesmaids’ dresses: the mismatched look.

For few years now, brides have been relaxing their standards on the traditional bridesmaid garb. Short dresses are more common than ever, and many brides let their maids wear different styles in the same colour, so each girl can pick the cut that suits her best.

The mismatched bridesmaid dress takes it one step further with bridesmaids no longer wearing the exact same shade of coral or aquamarine. More and more brides are eschewing monochromatic maids, knowing that mismatched gowns can be especially eye-catching.

Why would you want to mix it up? Well, like the same-colour-different-style option, this look can allow each girl to pick a colour that best suits her skin tone, especially if you have three or four to choose from. However, you may also want to assign colours to avoid everyone choosing the same one.

One trendy non-matching option is the ombre look, where your supporting cast of ladies wear the same colour but with different shades – some darker, some lighter, some in the middle. This allows for a rich, textured look to your bridesmaids’ dresses while staying true to your wedding colours. If this is what you’re going for, be sure to choose a designer with plenty of fabric choices – some don’t offer enough colours to make it work.

Still other brides opt for the same family or type of colour, such as blush, champagne and pale gold. This modern trend looks incredible when done well, but be sure to choose distinct shades that complement each other – if they’re too close they’ll look like they tried to match and didn’t succeed.

We’re even seeing brides choose completely different colours for each bridesmaid. Pink and orange for your wedding colours? You might have half your bridesmaids in pink and half in orange. We’ve even seen bridal parties where each bridesmaid is wearing a different colour. Choose from similar palettes if that’s the way you want to go, such as all pastel or all bright colours.

The trick to keeping the look cohesive is to keep at least one or two elements the same. If you’re mismatching the colours, make sure the fabric and general style and length of the dress is the same or similar for each girl. You can also up the coordination factor by having all the girls choose similar shoes in a neutral colour and wearing the same jewellery. That way they still stand out as your entourage and not just another wedding guest!

We can help you find the perfect combination of mismatched bridesmaids’ dresses. Come visit our fantastic Bridesmaid Loft today! And remember, if you purchased your wedding gown from The Bridal House, bridesmaids receive 10% off their gown if two or more bridesmaid dresses are purchased.