June Brides: History and Tradition

June is the most popular month for weddings. Sunny skies and brisk spring breezes are obviously appealing, but it turns out that our attraction to early summer unions may have something to do with our ancestors.

The tradition of "June Brides" dates back to Roman times and the June 1st festival celebrating the marriage of deity Juno and his wife Jupiter (the Goddess of Marriage and Childbirth, no less). 
In the 14th Century, June was the top pick because it's when people began to bathe again following winter, and brides wanted a pleasant smelling crowd. It was also convenient because flowers were newly available and very necessary to mask the smell of those who hadn't yet cleaned up. This is the origin of the bouquet after all!
In the Celtic calendar, the term 'honeymoon' referred to the first moon of after the summer solstice (June 21). The term became synonymous with 'time following the wedding', even when it happened outside of June weddings. 
In today's day and age, we have a few reminders of spring's popularity. We love the 1948 film June Bride (starring Bette Davis and Montgomery Clift), the song "June Bride" from the 1954 musical Seven Brides for Seven Brothers as classic examples of the nostalgia around June weddings. And if there was to be a decline in spring wedding popularity, the biggest wedding event of the decade cemented its status: the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in the spring of 2011. Will & Kate's spring wedding was in late April (April 29, 2011), kicking off the spring wedding season and bringing new attention to spring weddings around the world. 
Today, for June brides (or those considering a June wedding) it's good to note the following things: 
- Flowers costs do begin to drop in June as more stock becomes available closer to home, especially bright blooms like lilies, orchids, and peonies. 
- Watch out for holiday weekends and dates when schools get out, if you can, to consider those travelling for your wedding (especially if they have kids). 
- Consider a destination wedding. Summer months are typically low-season (because sun-seekers can finally stay home to have nice weather) and therefore less expensive for you and your guests, as well as more room options and perks at the resort. 
- Hurricane season is technically June- November in many places, but June is the safest of all months. l. 
So whether you're a bride this June, or simply attending the June weddings of your friends and family, enjoy it! You're taking part in one of the most romantic traditions we have  on this planet. And as the song says, "when you marry in June, you're a bride all your life."