Getting Glam: Choosing a Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist

Saying yes to the dress is one of the most important parts of wedding planning for many brides. But perhaps equally important is the hair and makeup – after all, what’s a fancy dress without some lipstick and an updo? Here are our top tips for choosing the people who will help you feel like your most beautiful self.

Find Some Inspiration: Most brides pin their favourite bridal hairstyles to their wedding Pinterest board to show their stylist. But you should be finding makeup photos for inspiration too! Decide on makeup colours you like, as well as whether you want to go a bit more dramatic than usual or keep it super natural. You can even find photos of yourself that you like so the makeup artist knows what you normally wear and the look you’re going for.

Ask for Recommendations: A co-worker or an old friend from high school just posted photos from her wedding and she looked completely amazing? Ask her for details! It’s a great way to find hairstylists and makeup artists whose work fits with your vision. Don’t forget to ask if they’ll come to you – it saves valuable time in the morning if you and your bridal party aren’t marching off to a salon and can take turns having hair and makeup done.

Get a Professional: We know, you do your own makeup and hair every day of your life, and you look fabulous. But this isn’t the day to drop the mascara wand on your face or curl your hair the wrong way. Take the pressure of yourself and hire someone who knows what they’re doing. They also have access to special products and techniques that ensure your look lasts through a long day of photos, speeches and dancing. Same goes for friends or family – unless they’re a pro, find someone who you can be honest with instead of feeling pressured to love the updo your cousin wants to try out.

Get a Trial (or Two!): No one wants a hysterical bride who’s tearing out bobby pins the morning of the big day because she hates what the hairstylist did. Even the most experienced stylist needs to try the style out on your own hair. If you’re using hair extensions, make sure you have them for the trial. And if you’re planning on having a fake tan, make sure that’s also been done before your makeup trial. Remember to take lots of pictures for you and your stylist to reference later. And if you don’t like the results of the trial, don’t be afraid to ask for something else or look at using another vendor.

Be Realistic: Inspiration photos are a great idea, but your hair may be a different texture or length than the bride in the photo, and her makeup may not look the same with your colouring. Don’t assume your hairstylist and makeup artist can make you look like someone completely different – and you don’t want that anyway!  You want to look like a glammed-up version of you, not a completely different person.

Don’t Make Drastic Changes: This goes with the above – you still want to look like you! This isn’t the time for a big change in hair colour or cut, and nor is it the time to decide you want heavy dark makeup when you typically don’t wear any. You want people to be looking at YOU, not your shocking new look.

Relax: Trust the professionals and enjoy the process on your big day – you’re the bride and you deserve to be pampered. And remember that the most beautiful bride is one who’s marrying the love of her life and whose happiness is shining through!