Bring on the Bling: Your Guide to Bridal Jewellery

As Marilyn Monroe professed, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. I think our friend Marilyn would agree that this is especially true when it comes to your wedding day. You’ve already been walking around with a glittering rock on your hand, and have picked out the matching band. But now it’s time to choose the jewels for your big day.

From vintage to modern, to faux to fancy, bridal jewellery can really be anything you want it to be. It should reflect your own personal style, but it’s also a chance to don something more elaborate than you might normally wear.

If you have your heart set on sparkling, statement-making pieces, we suggest picking on or two items that will really stand out – for example, you might want to skip the enormous diamond chandelier earrings AND the layered statement necklace with the chunky bracelet. One fabulous piece can make a big impact and become the focal point of your look.

Keep in mind that if your gown has a lot of beading, rhinestones and other decorative details, you might tone down the jewellery to let the gown shine.  Alternatively, if you’ve chosen a simpler design, a good dose of sparkle can take your look from great to glam!

Not a flashy gal? There are plenty of chic choices for the bride who’s looking for something more subtle. Small studs or drop earrings look especially beautiful with an elegant up-do, and a delicate tennis bracelet is a timeless look for any bride.

You also don’t have to stick with the traditional white diamonds and pearls. Splashes of colour are a hot trend (see our previous post about colourful shoes!). How about sapphires for something blue, or rubies to match your scarlet shoes?

Jewellery is also a wonderful way to find your “something old.” Vintage or antique jewellery is increasingly popular, and can be a touching way to honour a cherished relative while wearing a beautiful classic piece. Bonus tip: if your grandmother offers a piece of jewellery to wear but it’s not your style, see if there’s a way to use in in your bouquet wrap, or wear it for a few special photos.  

We carry several incredible jewellery brands here at Bridal House. One of our absolute favourite designers is Alberta’s own Joanna Bisley Designs. We adore her feminine, delicate bridal collections. We also love Elen Henderson Designs from Malis-Henderson, who also make elegant veils, tiaras and headpieces, and we carry some really lovely pieces from Bridal Classics.

We can help you pull your entire look together, from dress to veil to the final jewellery touches. Come on in and we’ll help you put on the glitz!