Alterations 101: Putting the Final Touches on Your New Gown

Why Do I Need Alterations?

Your wedding dress will probably be the single most photographed (and perhaps most expensive) piece of clothing you’ll ever purchase. So the fit should be tailored exactly to your shape so it looks terrific and feels comfortable as you walk down the aisle.

What Will Be Altered?

These are some of the typical alterations that might be made to your new gown:

  • Your hemline may be raised or lowered to accommodate your exact height.
  • The dress may be taken in or out to fit your curves properly.
  • A bustle will be created. This is the term for your dress’s train when it is gathered up and out of the way.
  • The neckline of your dress may be raised or lowered depending on your preference.
  • The bodice of your dress will be adjusted to fit your bust size.
  • You may want to add flair pieces or accoutrements such as a broach, a sash, bows or beading – just be sure these complement the dress and don’t outshine it!
  • You may want to add straps or sleeves to a sleeveless gown.

How Long Will It Take To Get It Right?

It may take anywhere from one to three appointments to get the dress just right, that’s perfectly normal. Because our appointments are limited at the Bridal House we strongly encourage you to book yours early. This will help give you plenty of time to get your dress perfect before the deadline.